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No Longer in Business

With the closing of 2013 so has Lasata Med Spa. It has been a wonderful four years of growing, learning and loving every client who has made my time here wonderful. Unfortunately with the hospital going through a lot of changes they have decided to close and cut many departments- mine being one of them.  I apologize greatly for such short notice, but I was given very little notice.

If you have recently purchased or received a gift certificate you can still redeem them through Dr. Nguyen at his office- however, they can only be used towards any cosmetic injections such as Botox or Dermal Fillers. If you are not interested in the injections, you can contact Stephanie Ayers and she will reimburse you for your certificate.
Call to set up an appointment or ask to be transferred to Stephanie Ayers at 706-635-5177

If you would like to sign up on the email form I am happy to keep you updated to where my new venture will be. I am looking at a lot of options at the moment and trying to figure out what the best thing will be rather working for another company, starting my own med spa, renting space somewhere, or change of field all together.  I love this industry and as one door closes another opens and I am excited to what the future will bring and I would love to have you all there with me. 

Again I apologize and thank you all for allowing me into your lives and growing with you. 
-M. Casey Card

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